Hands - On Workshops

Please note - some have limited number of slots and/or a small materials fee

10:00 - Solar Up Close!  with Peter Martel of HAREI; Come learn how you                     can do solar. Assess your potential and get answers about your                       specific situation. Bring an electric bill if you can, and your address;                 we’ll help you get started, and help you save lots of money if you are               willing to do some of it yourself.

10:30 - Bike Clinic and Trail Ride with WPD Sergeant John Frechette

11:00 - Wild Beverages: Make Probiotic kombucha, root sodas and

             herbal teas with Rivka Schwartz; $3 materials fee

12:00Exploring the Majestic Pine - A Medicinal and Edible Evergreen with               Kathrine Kausch of My Little Apothecary; $3 materials fee

                 The needles, bark, resin, seeds, and pollen can all be used and are available year                             round. The needles are extremely high in vitamin C, making them very useful in                                 keeping  winter illness at bay. The resin can be used externally as a chest rub for                               congestion, muscle pain, or drawing out splinters. We'll be looking at some different                         pine species, tasting some pine needle cookies, and learning how to make a Pine                             Salve. You'll leave the class with homemade Pine Oil + plus notes and the recipe to                           make your own salve. Bring your hands and an open mind. 

1:00Sustainable Insect Control - build a Toad Abode with Wilton Public                    Library Staff; $2 materials fee

2:00 - Toad Stories with Chance

3:00 - Add a Poem to the Poetry Trail - Image transfer technology taught by             WLC's J. Kane, and poetry wrangling by Lee Ann Dalton of the                         Poetry Society of NH. Learn how to transfer images and text onto wood and add                    a poem to the WLC School's Community Poetry Trail. Choose from an anthology of NH                    and New England poets, or add an original of your own.

3:30 - Guided Hike to Garwin Falls with land steward Nikki Andrews - meet               at the dumpsters behind the school. Hike leaves at 3:30 sharp

               The hike is about 1.7 miles over easy-to-moderate, mildly hilly terrain.  The footing is                        generally good, except for a bit of gravel and some wet spots.  The area immediately                        around the falls might be challenging for some, but everyone should be able to get close                  enough to feel the spray. Those up for a bit of a scramble can experience the "thrumming                tree" if conditions are right. There is lots to discover along the way, and both questions                    and your own shared knowledge are welcome. We can stop to rest and talk as needed.                    We expect the outing to last about 90 minutes. A bus will meet us at Isaac Frye Highway                 and take us back to the high school. We should be back at WLC about 5:20 pm.

               Please be prepared: wear sturdy shoes, carry water, and use bug repellent. We'll talk                       about tick control before we set out.


All Day Arts & Crafts with RiseUp Center & Wild Rose Farm

Earth Friendly and inspired by nature, for all ages! 

(no registration required for any of these!)

              Face Painting

              Community Mural project

              Collective weaving Project


              Plant a seed and take it home!


For families:

 10:00 - Make your own peace flags

 11:00 - Plant ID walk outside around the school grounds

              with Miss Nicole

 12:00 - Outdoor group games and bubbles on the upper field-

               share a picnic lunch (BYO- yummy food inside!)

 1:00 - Interactive storytelling

 2:00 - Wet felting with wool - Make a ball to take home

 3:00 - Web of life activity

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